Maras Salt Mines & Moray (Half Day)

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The Maras Salt Mines and Moray are two of the most incredible sites in Peru. Located in the Sacred Valley, the Maras Salt Mines have been in operation since pre-Incan times and are still used today to produce salt. The mines are made up of thousands of small pools, which are filled with salty spring water and left to evaporate. As the water evaporates, a layer of salt is left behind, which is then harvested and used to produce salt.

Moray is an archaeological site located near the Maras Salt Mines. It is made up of several terraced circular depressions, which were likely used as an agricultural experimental center by the Incas. The terraces were carved out of the sides of the mountains, creating a unique landscape that is still visible today.

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Maras Salt Mines & Moray (Half Day)


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