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Machu Picchu

Amidst a tropical forest of mountains, the first rays of dawn open the way to the enigmatic lost city of the Incas, extraordinarily built undoubtedly is the masterpiece of engineering and architecture, an ancestral culture of treasures Hidden

Machu Picchu, window to the past that keeps alive the spirit of the Inca Empire.

Montaña de Colores

In the most beautiful reaches of Peru, the implacable nature of nature is reflected in an incredible mixture of colors charged with cosmic energy in the manors of Ausangate, its natural coloration is due to the flowering of minerals which brushstrokes formed the colors of the tawatinsuyo flag of the rainbow in the mountains. the colorful costumes worn by the inhabitants in all their villages represent the multicolored of the Andean places are the faithful testimony of the ancestral tradition, knowledge and knowledge have managed to transcend in time.


The highest navigable lake in the world, is one of our natural treasures. Unquestionable symbol of the identity of Puno’s inhabitants, legendary birthplace of the Inca civilization. Its uniqueness of the floating islands is the attractiveness of the Andean Plateau. that keep the history of the oldest pre-Hispanic cultures.

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